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Proverbs 25:11 “ A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

"A heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others." The Tin Man/Wizard of Oz

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Missy's thank yous for Rosie from Rosie Moore on Vimeo.

Rosie Moore was very helpful in planning our wedding. She helped us to get everything that we wanted out of our Disney themed wedding. She even threw in a few surprises of her own. She truly was our "Fairy God Mother". If you are planning a wedding I would recommend her. She was definitely worth every penny.

GRACIAS IVONNE & ANDREW from 27miraclesbyrosie on Vimeo.

Rosie Moore was extraordinary!! Everything was so organized all the time; she got every detail I asked for. She had only four weeks to plan, get vendors together and pull as many strings as she could to make my wedding spectacular. I am very grateful for all her hard work and dedication. I felt like a princess throughout the whole planning and it was all stress free. My wedding could not have turned out more beautiful.

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"27 Miracles Wedding Consulting’s proactive, professionalism, and dedication will exceed your expectations.

Their staff and managing personnel outgoing charisma definitely sets them apart from their peers and sets the example in how business should be conducted when it comes to weddings in all aspects. To Include coordinating weddings, photo arrangements , DJ, horse and carriage, DVD, assisting guests , flowers and other services. If it has to do with weddings, they will make it happen. Nevertheless; they will pass their savings to you to make a more affordable wedding with a luxury outcome. I don't work for 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting I just got Married and they did my wedding on Sept. 24 2011 and I was amazed with the service they provided my wife and my self."

                -Tomas Pagan
                 Former JR. Vice Commander of the VFW Veteran of Foreign Wars
                 Retired United State Army


"Dear Marcus and Rosie, Thank you so much for all your hard work in planning our wedding. Everything was perfect and the wedding ended up being nicer than we had even dreamed. We thank God so much for you two and the friendships that we have developed over the past year."                -Love Always Sharon and Mike


"Dear Rosie and Marcus, Thank you for all you did to make Sharon and Mike’s wedding a huge success. Ted and I were pleased, but most of all Sharon and Mike had their special magical day. Thank you also for the great vendors, pleased is an understatement. And a special thanks in supporting them in their marriage covenant."

-Love Janice( Mother of the Bride)


"My search for a wedding planner started and ended with 27 miracles. I'm not even sure where to start with this review... When I first spoke with Rosie we discussed our wedding vision, my budget and what her services provide. Throughout the planning process Rosie and I exchanged SEVERAL emails. She was always available regardless of how small the detail I was obsessing over at the time was. When it was time for my wedding day everyone kept telling me how calm I was, and I was!!! I wasn't worried about anything at all. Truthfully the whole planning process I barely stressed. I even had a decrease in my budget literally less than two weeks before my wedding and Rosie said don't stress, that she will take care of it.. And that she did. My husband loved that I was stressed out throughout the planning process, all he said that he wanted was the planning to be fun for me and 27 miracles did just that.

Besides the fact that I had very minimal stress during my wedding planning, having the 27 miracles team on my side, I had gotten benefits from other vendors and even special treatment from them! Special meetings with the caterer, late appointments with the florist even after they closed since I lived 2 hours away from my wedding town. A discount from the rental company.. All because of her connections!! She blocked out our hotel rooms..She will also help you plan your honeymoon, she is a travel agent and a Sandals specialist to get the best rates..She wrote down every single detail of everything I wanted, she keeps track of it ALL(even what I forgot about!!!) Rosie even went out of her way to get flower petals for us for our ceremony,the day of rehearsal dinner! She even returned items from the wedding for us since my husband and I left for our honeymoon the day after the wedding.

From our very first phone call Rosie had told me my wedding should be what I have always dreamed of. With her IT WAS MORE. On the day of her staff was amazing. They were all so organized and knew exactly what their role was. I had never seen a wedding run so smoothly. I couldn't have imagined more of a perfect day. Or a perfect wedding planner to work with. Rosie, I don't even have the words to express to you how thankful I am for everything you did for us and our special day. Our wedding was better than a dream come true and without you and your team I know it wouldn't have been possible. I hired a wedding planner but I have gained a very good friend. Thank you so so much for everything you have done for us. I would recommend 27 miracles to any bride. You will not be disappointed. It was the best decision I made. Thank you 27 Miracles"

Mary and Philip


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-Alyssa and Francisco


  "It was one of the smartest decisions we made hiring Rosie and her team at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting. I remember meeting Rosie at one of the bridal shows I attended. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at the bridal show because of all the vendors and information that I was being handed to me, then I came the 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting booth and Rosie and I started to talk, I don’t remember what we talked about but I do remember feeling less stressed after speaking with her. I also remember writing on the pamphlet of information that she gave me after we spoke that I wanted to talk to her more. Fast forward, after attending many bridal shows I went back into my piles of wedding information searching for “that one wedding planner that was really nice.” I did my research and met with her and other planners but Rosie stood out above the rest because she was interested in our ideas and from the get go we could tell that she truly cared about making our day special in every way she could.

Planning a wedding is hard! Especially when it’s your wedding and you have to pick from all of your ideas that you have had since you were a little girl! Also, add in the need and want to please all of your guests, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy! Well, Rosie was there for us! She gave us the guidance that we needed, she never told us what we needed to do, she just listened and eventually we came to a decision/conclusion.

Our wedding weekend – yes, we hired Rosie and her team for our rehearsal dinner (Friday night), wedding day (Saturday), and day after brunch (Sunday) and no we didn’t have a huge budget! But with Rosie’s help we were able to find great vendors at great prices and as a result we got to have wedding weekend!

The wedding weekend was amazing and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better wedding! Rosie and her team also arranged a couple amazing surprises for us! But I’m not going to tell you what they were because I suggest you hire her and her team in order to find out!

Oh, one other thing you should probably know about me. I’m a planner myself! Now my specialty wasn’t wedding planning but I’m in the business and I know a thing or two. To this day, I still recommend hiring a wedding planner and not trying to do it yourself or asking a family member to act as your planner because…. Well, it’s less stressful! Rosie and her team knew all of the details for the wedding and they did all the work. Not once did I have to worry about if the flowers arrived or did that person remember… You might be wondering what I did on my wedding day – Well, I relaxed in my hotel room while Rosie and her team took care of everything!  I highly recommend hiring the team at 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting!"    
                  -Kimberly and Steve 

"Dear Rosie Moore,  (27 Miracles Wedding Consultant)

       I want to thank you for your overwhelming support and dedication towards our wedding. I want to share my wonderful experience with others.  My name is Stella and my wedding was on September 24, 2011 at the Villas of Grand Cypress.

Initially, I was planning to have a recreational hall wedding with a JC Penny Dress. My hair dresser Ana highly recommended Rosie Moore as a Wedding Planner, so we can have a wedding that would be most memorable.  Ironically she was having her hair /nails done that same day at the salon, so I met Rosie with rollers in her hair. It was comical knowing Rosie now, I know Rosie would have preferred to meet at her office.

        After Tom and I met with Rosie we were confident that we made the right decision. Sadly after having Rosie as our wedding Planner, I was diagnosed with a  Carotid  Body Tumor requiring surgery which was intense and recovery was lengthy in Dec, 2010 . How blessed that we had Rosie on board for our upcoming wedding event.  Rosie, being Christian, was sensitive to my difficult times and my many medical appointments requiring Rosie to accommodate planning around my schedule. Rosie also had done Bids, On-line, winning us a photographer and a video man for little cost as I was dealing with my medical needs. She worked diligently in being budget conscious without comprising quality or presentation.

          We had a truly unique wedding. My husband Tom is a Retired, Military Soldier.  We had a Military Wedding with a touch of Fairy Tale Elegance. Rosie was detailed from beginning to the end. It started with a beautiful designer Wedding Dress; from Pronovias to our Honeymoon Villa Suite. The ceremony started with the Military Salute Guards and a beautifully decorated Cinderella Carriage that escorted me to the Ceremony Place.  The Harpist entertained the guest as the Beautiful Carriage took us around the grounds for Pictures.  The reception room was decorated so lively and vibrant with Roses by Rosie and her staff.

Rosie spoke privately to Tom and me in order to arrange special surprises for each other. We had special events for one another. One of which was my Love message to Tom in our ceremony.  Rosie had translated my English love message words to Spanish words and placed it in a nice binder for the ceremony. Tom was impressed and was truly touched. The ceremony was beautifully done by Rev. Marcus Moore.

          At the reception room, Roses were presented to me by family members ending lastly with a dozen Roses from Tom.  How Memorable!  Tom later sang a dedicated song to me which was an amazing treat for me and the guests. The wedding ended  with the long  sparkling  sticks  which was held up  by family and friends  and  they were all lined up outside as we exited , allowing  beautiful fun pictures  to be taken . All of our guests, friends and family raved about our wedding and all had a “Fantastic Time“.

          As Tom and I left the wedding reception in the Golf Cart (which was also decorated), to our beautiful large balcony suite, we had our last final surprise from Rosie to us. There were scattered Rose Petals throughout all the rooms, including heart shape Roses surrounding my lingerie in our Honeymoon bed. We were happy and delighted.  I know we could not have achieved this “Memorable” event without a Wedding Planner like Rosie Moore.  The wedding was full of special events than made this truly a “Unique “and “Unforgettable” wedding. 

The Final Dance played at the Reception as we all left “Time of My Life” says it all."                                          -With all my appreciation, Stella and Tom

 "Where do we even begin to express how special and beautiful our wedding was, thanks to Rosie. All her hard work did not go unrecognized. It was picture perfect. I thank her for all her patience, grace, good judgement and incredible planning. We had such a wonderful time. One of the greatest pleasures was getting to know her. She was not just our wedding planner, but an ally, confident and friend. She went above and beyond to ensure our special day was filled with moments to be cherished forever. We couldn't have done it without her."

              - Erik and Luzia

"They really can perform miracles! I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to 27 Miracles for everything that they did for me from beginning to end...and with my very tight budget! I hired 27 Miracles a few months after becoming engaged because I was overwhelmed with trying to plan the wedding myself on a small budget...and I never once regretted the choice. Rosie knows what she's doing and built such great relationships with the vendors that I didn't have to worry about a thing. When it was all said and done, the ceremony and reception were so much more beautiful than we ever imagined possible on our budget!! Our friends and family could not believe how perfect everything was and how smoothly the whole day flowed from one thing to the next. Thank you, 27 Miracles!!!"
             - Schelly and Luis

“Rosie helped me think things through when I was planning my wedding. She is kind and gracious. She had some wonderful ideas and kept me relaxed and calm throughout the event. I am truly grateful for her and thankful for all that she did to help our day run smoothly.”
Linda and Chris

“I am so happy that Rosie was there for me when I needed the support of someone who knew exactly what she was doing. When I started to stress, she was the calming voice that assured me everything would all work out.”
Ketryn and Jim

“It was so wonderful to have Rosie here on my special day. Throughout the entire time, from the moment I was engaged until the day that our wedding day came, she was there for me. Even when I changed dates and had less time, she reassured me that it would all work out and it did!”
– Leslie and Nick

“Rosie has been an angel and a delight to work with! I cannot imagine having accomplished the wedding of my dreams on a tight budget without her guidance and support. I also never thought I would meet someone who communicates as often as I, but I have met my match in Rosie. I would recommend 27 Miracles Wedding Consulting to anyone and everyone. Thank you Rosie!!”
Michelle and Luis


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