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                                            The Gift of Life Event September 13, 2014

This special night included dinner, entertainment, guest celebrities, and a silent auction to bring awareness and support to Florida Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Celebrating the daily miracles of premature newborns and encouraging all individuals & families through the making of the movie, 

"A Story of Faith"

based on the book authored by Rosie Moore

See Fox News Lauren Johnson Interview

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The Making of the Movie "A Story of Faith"

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A Story of Faith will be an inspirational, thought provoking film about the ability of faith to overcome any setback in life.

Rosie Moore, has written a book titled A Story of Faith which was inspired by the premature birth of her son Kaleb.  Rosie is a registered nurse, mother of three and also a Master Bridal Consultant.  She has desired to see a full movie produced containing the inspirational and aspiring moments that led up to and preceded the birth of her son, born at 27 weeks, weighing only 1 pound, 10 ounces. Rosie’s book was written to describe and witness the miraculous and powerful events which surrounded Kaleb’s birth and is now at the start of another life affirming miracle brought to life in film. 

Florida Hospital located in downtown Orlando has given permission to shoot scenes in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit and throughout non-restricted areas of the hospital.  Initially the story was just an idea that prompted Rosie to write the book.  She never dreamed that the story had the potential of reaching the big screen.  However, through circumstances she met a movie producer which opened a door of opportunity to bring the story to full production status. 


Interview with Fox 35 News Lauren Johnson

"What do four sticks of butter, a pack of bacon, and a box of brown sugar all have in common?  All of those items roughly weigh one pound. That's how much Rosie Moore's baby weighed when doctors were forced to take him at 27 weeks.  Now, she calls him her "miracle," and she shares her story with FOX 35's Lauren Johnson. "

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Watch Rosie Moore Live on Fox 35

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A Story of Faith by Rosie Moore



The Interview with Florida Hospital


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The Team of A Story of Faith and 27 Miracles


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27 Miracles in the Community

When 27 Miracles opened its doors to the wedding and event industry they always had in their minds that they would not just service their clients and plan beautiful events.  They wanted to give back to the community that served as their home, Central Florida.  That is what 27 Miracles in the community is.  Making a difference in the lives of people in many different ways. 27 Miracles is involved with organizations such as Brides Against Breast Cancer, Nathaniel's Hope, The Boys and Girls Club, Toys for Tots, The March of Dimes and the Florida Hospital NICU department as well as many others . 27 Miracles has also been involved in their own community blessings with their fellow vendors planning weddings and events for people with medical illnesses or circumstances.

Purchase A Story of Faith Book Today and help Nathaniel's Hope continue to provide assistance to parents of special needs children.